Independent Learning Academy, Aliso Viejo

In the 2015-2016 school year Todd Nash will teach a series of classes at the Independent Learning Academy in Aliso Viejo for ILA members.  These classes are open only to members of the Academy.  Following is a schedule and description of the PE class that will be available.


Wednesdays 10:10-11:10 Fundamentals of Sports.  This class will teach a wide variety of sports throughout the year, focusing on students learning the essential fundamental skills in each sport.  It is a good class for all students, ages 5 - 18, regardless of their skill level or athletic experience.  All athletes need to work on fundamentals in their sport, regardless of how experienced they are.  No experience is required.  The skills practiced in each sport will also develop essential motor skills for all ages.  Sports taught will include baseball, basketball, volleyball, track & field, soccer, some recreational games, and some fencing.


The skills taught in these classes are essential for students.  The sports practiced in these classes develop critical motor skills, coordination, rhythm, timing, and develop cross brain connections that are critical to academic success!  They don't have to every play in a league, but every child should learn the basic skills in these sports, regardless of their athletic interests!  We don't ask our children if they want to learn subtraction or learn history - we make them learn those subjects EVEN IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT because we know they need it.  You should do the same with their physical EDUCATION!  Learning these physical skills is a critical part of their education.  These classes are planned and structured so every child will develop individual skills.  We don't just throw out a ball and have them try to play the game.  Every student works on their individual skills in each sport so they all develop these important physical skills at their own level.  This is why they should all take this class!


Cost: $50 per month with a 1 semester commitment, paying at least 2 months at a time.  You can pay for 2 months ($100 twice during the semester in September and November, or you can pay for the entire semester ($200) at the start.


Todd is a vendor with all major charter schools (Including Excel), so they will pay for the class.


REGISTRATION: Registrations are available NOW for the PE class here on the website.  Go to the main page and click on REGISTER to sign up.  Then mail in your check or have your PO issued as soon as your funding is available.


Call or email Todd if you have any questions.

Email: CalAthletics@sbcglobalnet

Cell: 760-458-9753