Sports Teams/Leagues


Track & Field

California Athletics organizes sports leagues for high school age athletes and teams not participating in CIF sports.  Participants can register individually or with a group from any school setting.  Private schools, home school programs, charter schools, and any other program can bring full teams into the leagues.  They can also bring several students to the league whom California Athletics will attempt to join with other players in their area to form a team.  This will give many small schools and groups the opportunity to offer a sports program for their students.

We are offering leagues and teams in boys tackle football and girls volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, and track & field in the spring.  Details on each of these leagues and teams are on the pages listed to the left side of this page.  Click on the link to learn more about each league.

Your school of attendance is not an issue.  This is a particularly good opportunity for students in charter schools that are not a member of CIF, home schooled students, and students at small, private schools that are not in CIF.

Contact Todd directly to get more information about these team opportunities.