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Marksmanship classes are available in Temecula (EEE), San Juan Capistrano (PC Prep), Escondido, Dana Point, LA, and RIverside (The Annex).  Classes can be added at any other sites where we can set up the targets and table and have a safe background.  If you would like to add a class in your site, contact Todd.

Students will use green-gas powered Airsoft pistols and rifles to learn good Olympic style marksmanship technique.   The plastic airsoft BBs we use are safe, and will not injure students.  All students will wear safety glasses and should bring their own safety glasses. 


We will work on body position & posture, grip, trigger pull, breathing, and sighting technique.  Students will receive instruction on all of these and have ample opportunity in class to practice.  We will start with the pistols working in standing position, then move to rifles working in standing, kneeling, sitting, and prone positions.

The class is $460/student for most sites.  This can vary depending on the semester length at learning centers.  See the page titled CLASSES AND SCHEDULE to see where there are Olympic Marksmanship classes.

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