Last fall (2019), Coach Nash had 3 competitive volleyball teams at ILA SJC for girls and boys.  This fall (September 2020)  Todd will have volleyball teams again for girls and boys grades 6 & up.  We will practice 2 days a week and play games against other home school teams in southen Califgornia, culminating with a home school tournament in Anaheim Saturday, October 31.  There are pictures below from last fall's volleyball teams.  You can register now on the ILA website!  Call or email Todd if you have any questions about the team.

Todd will also attempt to field volleeyball teams in the winter of 2020-2021 from other class day programs and charter school class days.  Contact Todd if you are interested in fielding a team at your site.


In the winter, Coach Nash will have basketball teams for boys and girls, grades 6 & up at ILA SJC.  Practices will be 1-2 days a week, and games will be played against other home school teams in Riverside, Orange, and in South OC on Friday nights and some Saturdays, and in a home school tournament the last weekend of March.

In the spring, there will be Track & Field TEAM opportunities for students at ILA SJC.  Todd will coach athletes to learn the different events in Track & Field and compete in some meets.

If you are not an ILA student and would like to compete on a team, contact Todd for other opportunities.  If you are with a program, charter school, or class day and would like to set up a team for your group, contact Todd.

Contact Todd for details about any of these sports team opportunities.

Todd Nash


Cell: 760-458-9753

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