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Coach Nash will volleyball teams in Orange County and Escondido starting the week of September 4th, 2023.  The teams are open to all home schooled students regardless of charter school or private enrollment, grades 6-12, and will be broken down by age and ability, with separate teams for boys and girls.  We will have two practices each week in each site.  Practices will be outdoors in parks, keeping the cost down.  Many other clubs charge $600-$800/month and more.  This club will be the lowest cost volleyball around, and your athletes will gain skills and have fun!   Click on SIGN UP to register for the Knights Volleyball program for the fall season.


We will play games in the southern California home school league against teams from Escondido, Temecula, Riverside, and Orange County.  There will be some travel involved for some games.  Games will usually be played Saturday afternoon or evening, and there will be games almost every Saturday through the fall.  The season will culminate with a home school tournament the 2nd Saturday in November in either Orange County or Temecula.


For home schooled students with charter school funds, Todd is a vendor with all charter schools, they will pay the monthly fee for coaching/instruction.  Have purchase orders made out for the lump sum for the whole season.  Others can pay the season fee by check or cash.


In Orange County, there will be 2 locations for practices so if you live at one end of the county you don't have to drive far for every practice.  We will practice in San Clemente AND in Mission Viejo, with both sites close to I-5 for quick & easy access.  Orange County practices will be 4:00-5:30 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  On Tuesdays we will practice at Jim Johnson Sports Park in San Clemente.  On Wednesdays we will practices in Mission Viejo at Cordova Park.

In Escondido we will practice Monday and Friday, 4:00-5:30 at Washington Park, fairly central in Escondido, and quick to access off 78.


You can sign up for Volleyball as "VB OC" or "VB Escondido".  Knights Team uniforms will be ordered for each player with their name on the back for games against other teams.  See the practice locations below.  Sign up on the website under VOLLEYBALL TEAM.

Cost: $500/athlete for the season

Contact Todd for details about the volleyball team opportunities.

OC VB Team Practice:

Tues 4:00-5:30 San Clemente, Jim Johnson Sports Park.  (Exit I-5 at Hermosa, go west, turn right after 50 yards into park, meet between soccer field and bathroom building in the grass.)

Wed 4:00-5:30 Mission Viejo, Cordova Park.  26931 El Retiro.  Meet in the grassy area on the east side of the park near the intersection of El Retiro and Nubles.

Escondido VB Team Practice:

Mon 4:00-5:30 Washington Park.

Fri 4:00-5:30 Washington Park

Todd Nash


Cell: 760-458-9753

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