Todd will teach his independent PE classes this year on a SEMESTER basis, keeping them consistent with the rest of the sports classes at independent study class day programs.  This means signing up for the spring semester will mean the whole semester of sports instruction with multiple sports.  This will save work and hassle for you as a parent in signing up and paying or getting POs once instead of twice in the semester.  We will mix up the sports in a true PE class fashion, giving the kids a little more variety of instruction.   This is what your children NEED.  They need sports instruction in a WIDE VARIETY of sports, not just sports they think they "like", avoiding those they think they "don't like".  Let me be very frank with you as parents - it doesn't matter if your child thinks they "like" baseball, they need to learn to throw!  It is a LIFE SKILL.  This is true of any of the mainstream sports taught in these classes.  So don't ask them if they feel like a class that they need.  Sign them up and make them participate!  This isn't a club team or community league - it's physical EDUCATION where your kids will learn coordination and motor skills they NEED to develop.


The 2nd semester will start the week of Monday, January 31, 2022 and go for 16 weeks, finishing the week of May 30, 2022 with a week break for winter break, and a week break for spring break.  We will start the spring semester with Track & Field instruction, teaching students all the main events in Track & Field including high jump, long jump, javelin, discus, shot put, sprinting, hurdling, and relays.  We will follow this with Foil Fencing instruction for 5-6 weeks where all students will have the opportunity to fence another student their size in the class with the real fencing gear on - mask, jacket, glove, and a foil.  They can also fence using the styrofoam practice foils.  We will mix in a few weeks of recreational games as the weather and schedule dictate.  It is a great class for kids to repeat over and over.  We learn by repetition - let your kids repeat this class over and over!


Please remember, your students need to learn the basic skills on MANY different sports, whether they think they like them or not!  The sports we focus our effort on are MAINSTREAM sports, all of which should be experienced by kids at a PE level.  Let them choose the sports they play in a league based on what they like, but PE should not be a choice for an 8 or 10 year old, or even a high schooler.  The state dept of education now requires PE of every student every year through high school graduation.  You don't let them decide to not learn subtraction because they think they don't like it.  It is an essential life skill, so they are REQUIRED to learn it!  The same applies to everything we will do in PE class.  And usually they think the don't like it, only because they have no experience or skills in it.  Once they learn a little about the sport and gain some skills, they always enjoy it.


COST: $240/student for cash/check or $240 for charter school PO for the 16 week semester class for independent classes not associated with a learning center (ILA/PCP, etc), a real BARGAIN for a semester of quality instruction!  I prefer a lump sum payment by either charter school PO or by check.  If you are paying out of pocket and need to spread out the payment, you can pay $120 at the start of class, and $120 half way through.  For charter school POs, Todd is a vendor with all of the SoCal charter schools who will pay, so you can get a PO for the class.  Please make the PO for a LUMP SUM SINGLE PO for $240 for the month of February.  The class will go February - May.

SCHEDULE: The class will start the week of January 31, 2022, and finish the week of May 30-June 2 for other than Mondays, and finish June 6 for Monday classes.

VIRTUAL CLASS:  For anyone who is out of range for the class, whose schedule does not work with my class schedule, or who still has family or medical reasons for needing to stay distant from large groups, you may register for the virtual class for the semester.  We will cover the same material as the in person classes, and the virtual class will go for 16 weeks for the fall semester as well.  You may register for the virtual class on this website.  The COST of the virtual class is $260 for PE, and $440 for Woodworking or Aviation Science, payable by lump sum check before the class starts, or payable by PO - please make it a lump sum PO for the month of December for $260.  You will be sent the web address for the virtual classes AFTER you have registered on my website and AFTER you have paid by check or delivered to me a PO for the entire semester.  It will not be an open website - it will be password enabled.

VIRTUAL CLASS SCHEDULE: The class will follow the same schedule as the other classes listed above.  There will be 16 class sessions online, designed for your students to learn the same content as the in person classes, on the same schedule.



Todd will also teach a SEMESTER LONG (16 weeks) Woodworking class in several locations.  Students will be able to build a project of their choosing using all of the full size power tools.  You can see pictures of some projects students have built in previous classes on the Woodworking page on this website.  See the page titled WOODWORKING to see pictures and get details.  Students all ages from 6 to 18 AND adults can take the class.  Younger students will get more guidance and oversight keeping them safe.  See the schedule for woodworking classes.  

COST: Woodworking class is $440/student for the semester plus the cost of the wood they need for class.


Todd will teach an Aviation Careers class in several class day sites (ILA, PCP) and in Torrance on Thursday afternoons 1:35-2:35 at the same park as the PE class.  The class will cover the many different aviation careers including the many pilot careers, aviation mechanic, aerospace engineer, airport operations, air traffic controller, and much more.  There will be field trips including flying a Cessna 172!  There are pictures of the Aviation Class activities from last year as well as Todd's aviation background on the Aviation Page of this website.  Sign up on the registration page.  Contact Todd if you would like a class for your group.

COST: $440/student for the 16 week class. 

All classes will be taught in person by Todd Nash at each of the sites listed below.  If you are with a charter school that will only fund virtual classes, Todd will also be providing virtual classes online for your students to view with the same content as the in person classes.  Your charter school will fund these virtual classes.  You may use these virtual classes until the restrictions are lifted.  Contact Todd for more details on how to work it out and attend in person classes.  The videos will be private and only available to those who enroll and pay for the class.  A link will be emailed to each family enrolling students. 


FALL CLASS SCHEDULE FOR California Athletics Independent CLASSES:  Starting the week of Jan 31, 2022:


11:15-12:15      Escondido 


10:30-11:30      PE Laguna Hills (Costeau Park)


12:30-1:30       Torrance PE Class

1:35-2:35         Torrance Aviation Careers Class

3:00-4:30         Torrance Woodworking Class

There are many other classes at several other group class sites.  You would need to sign up through the class day group for those.  This is the list of classes at group sites (register on their site after signing up for the program):



8:30-9:30      Woodworking - ILA Carlsbad

9:40-10:40    PE - ILA Carlsbad

1:00-1:55      PE - ILA Murrieta

2:00-3:00      Woodworking - ILA Murrieta



8:00-9:00      Pickleball - ILA Irvine

9:10-10:10    PE ILA - Irvine  

12:30-2:00    Woodworking - ILA Irvine

2:10-3:40      Aviation Careers - ILA Irvine


8:00-9:00      Pickleball - ILA Irvine

9:10-10:10    PE ILA - Irvine  

12:30-2:00    Woodworking - ILA Irvine

2:10-3:40      Aviation Careers - ILA Irvine


8:00-9:00      Aviation Careers - PC Prep Capistrano Beach

9:30-11:00    Woodworking - PC Prep Capistrano Beach


To register for the class, click on SIGN UP on this site.  Even if you are with a charter school and submitting for a purchase order, you still need to sign up on this website so Todd will have your child on the roster for that class site.  Make your check out to Todd Nash for $110/student for the 8 week class and mail it to the address below.

After registering, mail your check or get your charter school PO set up before the first class.  Registration fees are as follows:

  • Fundamentals of Sports Class (Spring 2022): $240 check/PO for the 16 week semester class.  POs should be issued in February for a lump sum of $240.

  • ILA or PCP PE or Pickleball Class: $260 for semester.

  • Virtual PE Class: Check or PO for $260 for the semester class , make the PO for February, checks at the start of class.

  • Woodworking at any site: $440 for the semester.  Make PO for $440 lump sum for February, or 2 POs for $220 each in February and April, but have both of the POs issued before the class starts.  Checks: $440 at the start, or $220 each at the first class and April 1st.

  • Volleyball Team/Track & Field at ILA OC (Spring semester Tuesdays): $300 for the season.  Make POs for $300 in February, or a check for $300 before the first practice starts.

  • Aviation Careers Class: Make check for $440 to Todd Nash and mail to the address below before the first class.  For Charter school POs, make PO for either $440 for February, or for $220 in February and $220 in April, delivering both POs to Todd before the class starts.

  • For Charter School POs: PO should be for EITHER the full class amount at the start, OR the ther half, half way through the class.  POs must be issued and delivered to Todd before the first class meets at the email address below.

  • NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS FROM CHARTERS WILL BE ACCEPTED!  Must be LUMP SUMS ONLY!  Either for the full amount of the class, or for two halves as listed above.

After registering, mail your check made out to TODD NASH to:

Todd Nash

725 Karena Ct

Vista, CA 92083


Cell: 760-458-9753 

DIRECTIONS to each site:

Mon 11:15-12:15 Escondido: Washington Park, 501 N Rose Ave, Escondido.  Meet in the parking lot or on the basketball court.

Wed 10:30-11:30 Laguna Hills: Costeau Park.  I-5, Alicia west, turn left at Costeau, park on the right.  Meet near the basketball park.

Thurs 12:30-1:30 Torrance PE: Guenser Park.  Meet near the basketball court.

Thurs 1:40-2:40 Torrance Aviation Class: Guenser Park.  We will meet at the picnic tables.

Thurs 3:00-4:30 Torrance Woodworking: Site TBD.  We need a home with a 2 car driveway and power to plug into in front of the house.  Let me know if you can host!

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HOMEWORK for PE CLasses. Do these exercises as taught in classes 3 times a week:

1. Upper body strength exercises:

3 sets of 10 pushups

3 sets of 10 dips

3 sets of 10 bicep curls

3 sets of 20 sit ups

2. Leg stremgth exercises.  Do these 3 times a week:

3 sets 10 squats, go down until thighs are parallel to the ground.

3 sets 10 walking lunges with each leg, going down until thigh is parallel to ground, walking forward each rep

3 sets 10 step ups each leg

3 sets 20-30 calf raises

3.  Running exercises.  Do these 3 times a week:


Mark off 20 meters in the grass.  First, jog a warm up, anything from 1/4 mile to 1 mile.  Then:

4 x 20 meters "A skips".  Focus on high knee (thigh parallel to ground), heel high under you, and toe high.

2 x 20 meters side shuffle - move sideways and do not cross the feet.

2 x 20 meters Karioka - crossing the feet in front and behind as you move sideways.

2x 20 meters build ups, gradually increasing speed.

2 x 20 meters sprint at full speed.

100 meters sprints at full speed, do 2-8 of them depending on your condition and age.

Then jog a cool down 1/4 mile and walk another 1/4 mile cool down.


Why take Sports Classes?

EVERY student should learn all of these sports to develop motor skills, coordination, conditioning, strength, and learn about the sports.  These sports are all part of the state of California's requirement for PE.  All classes will include some physical conditioning.  It is my goal that your children both learn some skills and gain strength and fitness.

Often parents avoid a particular sports class because their child "doesn't like that sport".  That is a good reason to not sign them up for a competitive team in that sport, but they should still learn the basic skills in all sports at a PE level.  If our children didn't like doing subtraction we would not allow them to skip subtraction!  We make those decisions for them because we know what they need.  All kids should learn to throw a ball properly, dribble a basketball, hit a volleyball, and develop from all of the sports in these classes.