Starting the week of November 30, 2020 Todd will teach a series of Pickleball classes in many locations in southern California.  The Fundamentals of Sports classes are great for students of all ages.  Students will develop motor skills, coordination, rhythm, strength and conditioning by working on their individual skills in Pickleball in this class.  Each student will have a paddle and ball in their hands the whole class doing fun drills to develop their individual skills.  It is effective for students of all ages, and essential physical development for all students.

Nets, paddles, and balls are provided for class, but if a student has their own paddle, they are welcome to ring it.  Students are all encouraged to buy a couple paddles and a couple balls for practicing skills at home between classes.  All classes will be taught in person by Todd Nashn at each of the sites listed below.  If you are with a charter school that will only fund virtual classes, Todd will also be providing virtual classes online for your students to view with the same content as the in person classes.  Your charter school will fund these virtual classes.  You may use these virtual classes until the restrictions are lifted.  Contact Todd for more details on how to work it out and attend in person classes.

The videos will be private and only available to those who enroll and pay for the class.  A link will be emailed to each family enrolling students.  There will be extensive instructions given each week, and practice assigned for each week to develop the skills.

SCHEDULE  Starting the week of November 30, 2020:


12:30-1:30      Escondido Pickelball


1030-11:30     Aliso Viejo Volleyball class/practice


12:30-1:30    Torrance Pickleball

1:35-2:35      Torrance Aviation Science continues through the semester


2:45-4:30      Lake Forest Woodworking Continues through the semester.


To register for the class, click on SIGN UP on this site.  Even if you are with a charter school and submitting for a purchase order, you still need to sign up on this website so Todd will have your child on the roster for that class site.  Make your check out to Todd Nash for $110/student for the 8 week class and mail it to the address below.

After registering, mail your check or get your charter school PO set up before the first class.  Registration fees are as follows:

  • Fundamentals of Sports Class: $110 check/$110 PO for the 8 week pickleball class.  POs should be for the second month of the class for a lump sum of $110.

  • ILA or PDLC PE or Pickleball Class: $260 for 2nd semester check or PO.

  • Woodworking at ILA or PDLC: $460/semester for 2nd semester.  Make 2 POs for $230 each in March & May.  Checks: $460 at the start, or $230 each at the first class and April 1st.

  • Track & Field Team at ILA OC: $460 for the season.  Make POs for $230 in March, and $230 in May.

  • For ILA & HSC: PO should be for the 2nd & 4th month of the class for half of the total cost in each PO.  Checks for the total amount at the start, or you may split it half the 1st month, and half the 3rd month. 


After registering, mail your check made out to TODD NASH to:

Todd Nash

725 Karena Ct

Vista, CA 92083

DIRECTIONS to each site:

Mon 12:30-1:30 Escondido: Washington Park.  Meet on the Washington Ave side of the park, we will use the beautiful, newly surfaced basketball courts in the park.  Park along Washington Avenue and meet me at my car.

Tues 10:30-11:30 Laguna Hills Volleyball: Costeau Park.  Take I-5, exit Alicia, go west, turn left at the 2nd light on Costeau, park is on the right.

Thurs 12:30-1:30 Torrance: Guenser Park.  Meet near the basketball court.

Thurs 1:35-2:35 Torrance AVIATION SCIENCE: Guenser Park.

Why take Sports Classes?

EVERY student should learn all of these sports to develop motor skills, coordination, conditioning, strength, and learn about the sports.  These sports are all part of the state of California's requirement for PE.  All classes will include some physical conditioning.  It is my goal that your children both learn some skills and gain strength and fitness.

Often parents avoid a particular sports class because their child "doesn't like that sport".  That is a good reason to not sign them up for a competitive team in that sport, but they should still learn the basic skills in all sports at a PE level.  If our children didn't like doing subtraction we would not allow them to skip subtraction!  We make those decisions for them because we know what they need.  All kids should learn to throw a ball properly, dribble a basketball, hit a volleyball, and develop from all of the sports in these classes.


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