April 15 through June 10, 2020, Todd will teach a series of Virtual Classes for the last class of the school year.  These classes will convert into on site classes when the current restrictions are lifted and we can meet in the park listed without being cited!  The series of classes will teach several sports and will continue the strength and conditioning exercises.  There will be video instruction on YouTube for a new class each week.  The classes will require some inexpensive equipment be purchased for use at home.  The videos will be private and only available to those who enroll and pay for the class.  A link will be emailed to each family enrolling students.  There will be extensive instructions given  each week, and practice assigned for each week to develop the skills.  The class will cover Foil Fencing for the first 3 weeks teaching students body position, attacks, and parries, and giving them instructions on how to have bouts at home.  Parents will be given instructions on making practice foils for use at home.  After fencing, there will be 2 more sports taught for the 8 week session including pickle-ball for 3 weeks and another sport for 2 weeks.  If at any point we are allowed to have on site classes, the classes will meet at the sites listed below for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  This will allow your students to have a structured plan for sports instruction and physical training throughout the spring.  While we are restricted to staying home during the Corona Virus threat, students will also have challenges posted online and will be able to post their own videos to respond and interact with other student "virtually".  It will help keep them engaged in the learning process while we are restricted to staying home.  The online/in person class is $100 for check or $105 for a charter school PO for the 8 week class.    The class is available online and on site when we are able to meet for students ages 5-18.

Click on SIGN UP above.

To REGISTER for the current class, click on SIGN UP in the top buttons.  After registering, mail your check or get your charter school PO set up before the first class.  Registration fees are as follows:

  • Fundamentals of Sports Class: $100 check/$105 PO.  POs should be for the second month of the class.

  • ILA or HSC PE Class: $240 for semester check or PO. 

  • Pickleball at ILA: $260 for semester. 

  • Woodworking at HSC or ILA Carlsbad: $400/semester.

  • Woodworking at ILA OC: $440 for the 1 ½ hour class/semester.

  • Volleyball Team at ILA OC: $440 for the season.

  • For ILA & HSC: PO should be for a lump sum for the total amount in the first month, or for the 2nd & 4th month of the class for half each.  Checks for the total amount at the start, or you may split it half the 1st month, and half the 3rd month. 




1:00-2:00      Escondido


8:30-9:30      Chino Hills

10:30-11:30   Pasadena

12:30-1:30    Torrance


9:30-10:30  Riverside


DIRECTIONS to each site:

Wed 1:00-2:00 Escondido: Washington Park.  Meet on the Washington Ave side of the park, we will use the grass on the north side of the park along Washington Avenue.

Thurs 8:30-9:30 Chino Hills: Grand Avenue Park.  Turn left inside the entrance and meet at the grass half way to the playground.

Thurs 10:30-11:30 Pasadena: Victory Park.  Meet in the parking lot near the playground.

Thurs 12:30-1:30 Torrance: Guenser Park.  Meet near the basketball court.

Fri 9:30-10:30 Riverside: Arlington Heights Sports Park.  Meet in the parking lot near the basketball court.

Why take Sports Classes?

EVERY student should learn all of these sports to develop motor skills, coordination, conditioning, strength, and learn about the sports.  These sports are all part of the state of California's requirement for PE.  All classes will include some physical conditioning.  It is my goal that your children both learn some skills and gain strength and fitness.

Often parents avoid a particular sports class because their child "doesn't like that sport".  That is a good reason to not sign them up for a competitive team in that sport, but they should still learn the basic skills in all sports at a PE level.  If our children didn't like doing subtraction we would not allow them to skip subtraction!  We make those decisions for them because we know what they need.  All kids should learn to throw a ball properly, dribble a basketball, hit a volleyball, and develop from all of the sports in these classes.


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