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The page is left from our "Virtual days" - when many were forced to do classes remotely.  I leave it up for possible future use and for the workout plans still included below.


Hello PE, Woodworking, Aviation, Pickleball, and Volleyball Skills VIRTUAL class families.

I will post my communications and emails regarding the virtual classes here on this page as I send them out in case you want to refer to them again or you missed the email.  Check back here often.  I have also added a page (Virtual class pictures) where you can see pictures of students doing classes and exercises at home as well as awesome woodworking projects being finished at home!  Check out that page for great pictures.  All of my communications will be added in chronological order below.  I have pdf files and in some cases excel spreadsheets and word docs to make it easier to copy links for those awesome youtube videos!  The videos I am producing for classes will be listed in these communications as well as on the Todd Nash YouTube channel!  I hope to see you all in classes again soon, but until then let's be really productive at home - we are HOME schoolers after all!


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