Hello PE Class families,

This is a challenging time for all of us, dealing with the closures and having to do online and distance classes.  You are not alone.  My own daughter at Azusa Pacific University is doing online classes for most of her classes, but they are not cancelling college!  They are continuing the semester and she will graduate in May, even though her learning method is modified for a period this semester.  Most of the country, even the world, is modifying their routine to accommodate for the mandates and recommendations related to the COVID issue.  Whether we think it is justified or not, we have to go with it as everyone in America is doing, and we will get back together as a group as soon as possible.  But we don’t have to let it stop us from learning!  We are better equipped than ANYONE in America for dealing with this – we HOME school!  So we know how to operate effectively from home.  We can not only teach our children effectively from home, but we can truly be “salt and light” to the rest of the community around us on how to be effective while at home.  So let’s embrace this opportunity!

How will we do PE/Sports class remotely?  It IS possible, and I am excited about the possibilities for your students to learn even more!  Here is the challenge: you now are truly HOME schooling!  You will need to be very involved with your students to help them learn at home, do the work assigned, and gain strength, conditioning, and physical skills working from home.  It can be done.  I trained my oldest child from home with a weight set in the garage all through high school, did running work in the neighborhood, and went to the track as needed, and she was an All-American athlete in college with a Track & Field scholarship.

If you are wondering will I postpone classes, credit classes, or refund classes, the answer is no to all of the above.  The directives we have from all levels of government and education are to continue learning, continue doing business wherever possible, but just modify how we do it.  My college daughter will still graduate from APU in May.  She is completing classes online, and will probably get her diploma mailed to her and have no graduation ceremony.  Disappointing?  Yes.  But life must go on, and all must find a way to continue learning and operating under the current restrictions.  Restaurants are not all closed – they just are not having people inside to eat.  Most are selling a lot of takeout/delivery food!  They are modifying how they do business to cope with the situation.  The same principal will apply to our PE classes, as it is applying to other classes with home schooling students in other subjects, with college students all over America, businesses, and even public schools.

For the start of our distance learning, I am going to give students a set of strength and conditioning exercises they should complete at home.  I will also email you a spreadsheet that I would like you to complete for your students through the break and continuing for the rest of the school year.  If your students do the exercises I am going to share with you, they will gain SIGNIFICANT strength and conditioning, and be in the best physical shape of their lives!  I recommend having all of your children do them together, whether they are in my class or not, and even parents doing these with your children.  We can have some FUN with this.  I will also send the list of the exercises for you to print out so you can watch the videos and refer to the chart. 

If you would like to participate in the remote classes I am offering you will need to enroll in the class and pay the class fee.  I still need to pay my bills, buy food to survive, etc, so my knowledge, experience, and instruction is not free.   The videos will be moving to a login type platform soon.  You will need to be enrolled and paid to access the videos.  If you are enrolled, please do not share your login information with others who have not paid.  If you are not enrolled, please do enroll through my website and mail a check or get a charter school PO issued, then you will get your login to participate in these great remote classes!  You will be able to download an Excel workbook and print out BOTH worksheets.  Then watch the videos on listed on one of the worksheets, and complete the exercise program.  They should do the exercises every other day, so Mon Wed Fri, or Tues Thurs Sat are good schedules.

I would like your students to use this time away from group meetings to really learn and work on these exercises.  They ALL need the strength work, just as we all as adults need it!  I encourage you to make this a family exercise program – do it together as a group and have fun with it.  I have posted the videos on YouTube explaining the exercises and demonstrating a set of all of them that you can follow.  You can play it on your phone from YouTube while you do the exercises together at home, at a local park, or anywhere.  It is the most flexible and lowest cost exercise program you will ever have, and it works!

There will also be academic assignments for your students to complete and email me their “homework”.  Students will learn about a wide variety of sports, as well as doing strength and conditioning exercises from home and practicing some of the sports skills from home.  I will be posting CHALLENGES online that your students can participate in with incentive prizes for the most creative responses shared with the entire group of classes California wide!  You will be able to send in pictures and upload videos of your students and your families completing the challenges.  Whether we agree with what is happening or not, we do all need to comply with the mandates and request of our various government and educational agencies, and we don’t want life to stop moving forward.  We don’t have to let life stop.  We just modify how we do business.  This is a VALUABLE LIFE LESSON for your children.  Help them to embrace these changes, and learn the skill of adapting to circumstances.  It will happen many more times in their life, and learning it here will serve them well for life!

If you are enrolled in my classes, the video links have been emailed to you.   If you did not receive them, email me with your full name and which class site you are registered for and I will re-send them to you.  IMPORTANT: Make sure you add this email address to your address book so my emails will come through and not be filtered out as SPAM: CalAthletics@sbcglobal.net.  These and many more videos will soon be moving to a platform that is available to view by subscription only – watch for an email on that.

Please check your email regularly for more communication.  Thank you for your participation in class, and let’s use this as an opportunity to learn even more and get into even better shape!  Make sure you add this email address to your address book so these emails are not filtered out as SPAM.

Coach Nash


Cell: 760-458-9753


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